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His bride must be a very tolerant woman…

Before Viking-Sensei got married, we made jokes about how if it was up to him, he’d have a giant robot themed marriage ceremony.   Of course later,  he and his future wife decided on a much more conventional ceremony.

This couple in Japan, however, really did have a Giant Robot themed Wedding…  directly under the hard, metal crotch of a full scale Gundam, no less.

Behold and Rejoice, for the new site is here!

Okay, so maybe a new site design isn’t such a big deal as all that, but you’ve got to admit it is awfully pretty. Yet, at least as important as the shiny new looks around here is the fact that we have finally made the switch to ComicPress, so we now have tons and tons of new functionality available to exploit for your benefit.

With this design we’ve really only just started to explore all the neat things we can do now, but even so there’s lots of cool new stuff to discover all over the site, and there’s even more just waiting for those final couple of tweaks so it can be added. So explore, enjoy… and stay tuned for even more changes over the next month.


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