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Dragon*Con 2009, Booth 606

Dragon*con is coming up fast, and in less than twenty-four hours we’ll be setting up in the Marquis Ballroom at the Marriott, booth 606. We’ll have tons of stuff for sale, and we’ll also have some Apple of Discord stuff tucked away in the back for those of you who request it. Look for the big Errant Story and Exploitation Now banners, and a beige tablecloth when you go looking for us. Pictures will be posted once we’ve set up.

This year we’d also like to try something new. If any of you are attending DragonCon, and would like to come help out with the booth for an hour or two, we’ll hook you up with some free swag in exchange. We’re a bit short-handed on booth people this year and could use the help.

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Dragon*Con Filler

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We’re back from Dragon*Con and September’s wallpaper is up!

We just got back in tonight, it was really fun. The wallpaper is finally available, and it’s a little different than our normal wallpapers. Hilary and I have been playing a lot of board and card games of late, and one of our favorites has been the Dungeons and Dragons themed card game, Inn-Fighting. The artwork for the cards all involves various bar room brawl scenes and the box even touted that there were card generation rules for converting D&D characters.

Unfortunately, those rules turned out to not actually exist, but I did find some unofficial rules for creating cards. Using those, I made a couple of cards for Fran and Naga, and even drew up a couple bar fight scenes of them for the card art. At some point after that these went from being a silly lark thing I was doing instead of doing actual work, to the actual wallpaper for this month.