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We’re back from Dragon*Con and September’s wallpaper is up!

We just got back in tonight, it was really fun. The wallpaper is finally available, and it’s a little different than our normal wallpapers. Hilary and I have been playing a lot of board and card games of late, and one of our favorites has been the Dungeons and Dragons themed card game, Inn-Fighting. The artwork for the cards all involves various bar room brawl scenes and the box even touted that there were card generation rules for converting D&D characters.

Unfortunately, those rules turned out to not actually exist, but I did find some unofficial rules for creating cards. Using those, I made a couple of cards for Fran and Naga, and even drew up a couple bar fight scenes of them for the card art. At some point after that these went from being a silly lark thing I was doing instead of doing actual work, to the actual wallpaper for this month.