July 17th, 2010
Saturday Filler Infodump: Veracia Part Three
Saturday Filler Infodump: Veracia Part Three

With Lorenzel secured, Veracia’s policy of expansion becomes a great deal more aggressive, with them trying to expand their sphere of power in three directions at once.

To the east, Veracia attempts to set up a permanent colony on the Anuba archipelago sandwiched between Veracia’s east coast and what was then the Western Islands of Farrel. From the outset the Anuban colony is plagued with bad luck and misfortune. The swampy lands surrounding the settlement are difficult to cultivate and any usefulness it might have served as port between the opposite sides of Farrel and Veracia is soon invalidated by Tsuiraku’s appearance.

The lands in the far north were long considered a waste land, inhospitable to anyone but savage tribes of wild men. But around this time, traders spread tales that suggested that the land was now quite habituated. For once they have no reason go be subtle or worry about any native Luminosita worshipers, so Veracia launches a full blown invasion of the wild lands. Completely underestimating the amount of resistance they’d face, the Theocracy’s initial push into the land is routed by a hastily assembled alliance of the northern settlements. Veracia sends in as many reinforcements as they can muster, even hiring several groups of Farrelian mercenaries, but they are continually trounced by weapons and devices unlike anything they’d ever seen before. After three long years of conflict, Veracia makes little advancement and they finally with draw due to the disaster cause by trying to destroy the Elven Barrier

The Elven Barrier had stood along the southern boarder of Lorenzel, bisecting the remaining elven lands from the rest of the continent, for as long as anyone could remember. Countless myths and stories had sprung up around the magical wall, some of which had even been created by the Church of Luminosita, trying to tie the elves into their canon. It was therefore inevitable that, once they had claimed Lorenzel, Veracia would have to do something about the Barrier, as it not only blocked off a large chunk of the continent, but its very existence was a constant source of disruption to their very religion. As the theocracy was still suffering from hubris and believed the elves to be long gone, they decided to use Luminosita itself to destroy the wall. They meant to make a huge show of it, a display of their god’s strength and a distraction from the stalled invasion of the northern land. Things went poorly… While Luminosita did, in fact, succeed in knocking the Barrier down, the impact nearly destabilized the constructed god and released a ripple of energy that disrupted magical devices all over the planet… including the device that had kept the floating city of Tsiuraku hidden for almost a thousand years.

And with that, Veracia’s golden age was over. Their god had been literally weakened, and now they had two new nations, and a very, very old one to compete with for global power.