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September Support Reminder

It is that time again, where we remind you that we like to get donations, and that there are also other ways of supporting the comic like buying books, or using the vote buttons, or spreading the word to your friends, loved ones, and strangers in the grocery store that the comic is awesome and they should really be reading it.

We are once again offering an exclusive bonus comic for anyone who donates more than $10 and I’ll be honest that we could really use one hell of a good month. Those brave of heart should read on to find out why.

The summer that we have had in terms of extra money spent is completely ridiculous. We seriously have to have the worst luck in the world or something. Since JUNE, we have:

  • Had to replace our AC unit. The home warranty paid for the unit (hurray for backup plans), but not the removal of the old unit. Boo for having to spend a couple hundred dollars anyways. Plus having to run fans all the time didn’t help.
  • Poe put a little hole in our shiny replacement car in the parking lot of a grocery store. Thankfully he wasn’t hurt, but the depreciation on the car sure was. We’ll have to fix the hole at some point, but it’s purely cosmetic so it can wait. That was his second accident in six months (admittedly neither of them his fault), so I don’t let Poe drive anymore. I don’t want to know what is going to happen to our insurance when we renew it.
  • Had to make approximately seven trips to the hospital, including two to the emergency room trying to get ANYONE to treat Poe for sudden violent muscle spasms that have been getting steadily worse. He still doesn’t have real appointments until October. Did I mention that the only doctors who will make time for new patients don’t accept the financial aid we’re eligible for? Poe had cancer as a kid, so of course NO ONE will insure him.
  • Had a raccoon invade our actual living space via the chimney. On a Sunday, the little bastard! This necessitated a two hundred some dollar emergency service call to have the thing removed before it could infect us or the cats with anything nasty. Whee, more money spent.
  • Caught yet another raccoon in a trap on its way in or out of our attic. There may be more there now, but at $70 a head to remove, I sure hope not.
  • The raccoons were not done with us, because they also destroyed all the insulation in our attic. We finally got the insurance adjusters to come examine the issues and they’ll start fixing the damage on Monday by taking everything out, sanitizing the place, and redoing it. We’re talking $7000 worth of damages. Needless to say we have to pay our whole deductible (and thank god we don’t have to pay more), and we’ll be spending at least the next week confined to the guest room while they deal with the plaster walls that are between them and the mess. Did I mention our house was built in 1953, and all houses built before 1978 require special measures just in case of lead paint? None of us is happy about this coming week, not even the cats.
  • While they have the plaster walls open and access to all the crawl spaces, I would really like them to install some overhead lights and decent bathroom fans so I’m not constantly straining my eyes and living in the dark for the same energy cost as it would take to light up the whole room, or opening the window in the shower in the middle of winter. I do not know how much that will cost, but it will cost more to even attempt it any time but now so I’m looking at the option with patent longing. Right now, looking at our bank balance, it is impossible.
  • But wait, that’s not all! We put new gutters on the house in 2008 and the company we got the loan from decided we agreed to different terms than the ones actually promised by the salesman. We paid what should have been the balance in full in December 2009, but they’ve decided we owe them $1300 more in pure interest and have been harassing us and torching our credit over it ever since. They’ve finally offered to settle for a mere $650 dollars we don’t owe them instead, but would, get this, still send us a 1099 as though we had actually been PAID the difference! I have until the 23rd to decide what to do before they get seriously nasty, and I have to admit that I am sick to death of fighting them and if they’d only fix what they did to my credit would probably just settle for giving them the money at this point… if we had it.

I’m completely sick of our house, and only the fact that it’s finally more affordable than an apartment is keeping me sane. Any help, including words of camaraderie and horror stories of your own, would be hugely appreciated.