September 25th, 2010
Saturday Filler Infodump: Dawn of War
Saturday Filler Infodump: Dawn of War

Shiro Hideaki was a brilliant artificer, once considered one of the greatest minds in Tsuiraku. His specialty was the design and construction of golems; in fact, many of the golems in use during the events of Errant Story are still based heavily on his designs. In his later years, his work became more and more controversial as his designs and ideas turned towards concepts that many considered borderline necromancy.  

Shiro retreated from the public almost completely after his wife, Natsumi, died in an accident caused by Veracia’s assault on the Elven Barrier.  Six years later, he was found incinerated and surrounded by the remains of his devices in the Emerylon summoning chamber for Luminosita.  Veracia wasted no time in using the event to fuel their campaign against mages by announcing that a Tsuirakuan mage had broken into the most sacred place in the country in an attempt to corrupt Luminosita.

After the announcement, Tsuirakuan authorities searched Shiro’s home. They found his laboratory in a state of complete disarray. Eventually they determined that Shiro had fallen into a delusional state after his wife’s death and concocted a mad plan to construct a golem from her remains and use the vast stores of magical energy collected in Luminosita to resurrect her. Beyond that, they were unable to figure out the specifics of his plan or the devices that he had created for it.

When Tsuiraku asked Veracia to return Shiro’s body and help them to further investigate the matter, Veracia not only refused to help, they declared war upon Tsuiraku instead. They launched an airship attack on the flying city, catching Tsuiraku completely unaware. Tsuiraku barely managed to repel the assault, succeeding only because they had just completed the process of moving the city and had fortified the devices keeping the city afloat.  

And with that, the Mage Priest Wars began.