October 2nd, 2010
Saturday Filler Infodump: The Mage Priest Wars
Saturday Filler Infodump: The Mage Priest Wars

Besides their initial attack, the Mage Priest Wars did not go in Veracia favor.  While Veracia had the far larger army, many of their other expected military resources turned out to be unavailable.  Between the damage done to the construct when it tore down the Elven Barrier and Shiro Hideaki’s tampering, Luminosita was unusable for the duration of the war, and many priests were concerned about using it against Tsuiraku anyway.  Farrel’s government issued a statement claiming neutrality in the war, severely reducing the number of Farrelian mercenaries and airships Veracia could hire, as well as restricting the use of Farrel’s airspace and ports.  Without Farrel’s support, Veracia was limited to it own less effective airship fleet, and attempts to use the Anuban Colonies as a base to launch attacks went poorly.

The Church did have priests serving as support in their military, but they were not sufficient to counter Tsuiraku’s battlemages.   And when Tsuiraku invaded Veracia’s capital, it became very clear that the city lacked any conventional way of repelling an airborne attack.  Although the priests were rather confused when the battlemages went after the cities’ vaults and libraries rather than the central church or military bases.

The war lasted only five months and although it began quite dramatically, it ended rather anticlimaxly, with the signing of a non aggression pact and a few under the table deals made by both sides in order to end the conflict.