October 30th, 2010
Saturday Filler Infodump: The Trolls
Saturday Filler Infodump: The Trolls

The Trolls never really got a fair shake in the world of Errant Story, when you get down to it.  Created by Gods that were on a bender, flawed from the very moment of their creation, and then abandoned without the education the other races had received into an area of the world that was already filled with other jealous creations of the gods.

The earliest Elven records stated that the Trolls were first encountered somewhere in a region north of the Sanguine Elves’ original lands. At the beginning, the Paedagogusi did try teaching and guiding the early Trolls much like they had done for the elves, but without direct interaction with Anilis and Senilis they were quite limited in what they could do for the young race.   And things quickly became worse as the Paedagogusi soon had to withdraw to deal with a problem of their own, leaving the still undeveloped Trolls to fend for their selves.

For all the talk of being flawed, the Trolls were quite hearty beings.  They possessed strength and resilience second only to the Dwarves, and while the number of magic users among Trolls were always low, (compared to the elves anyway) they often were quite powerful, easily surpassing most elven mages in terms of raw power.  The only true problems the Trolls suffered were mortality (and even then, their lifespan could easily last into centuries baring violence) and that for some reason only the female members of the race were able to developed any sort of magical ability.

This exaggerated perception of them as faulty beings, their sudden abandonment by the Paedagogusi, and the misfortune of occupying land close to the Sanguen all helped fuel the Elves’ dislike of the Trolls. Not that they really needed that much of an excuse, the elves simply found them to be wretched, rotting creatures and considered the fact that their gods’ last known act was creating these beasts to replace them a horrible insult.  The elves would try to rationalize this situation by claiming that the Trolls were flawed, broken creatures that had driven the gods from them and it was left to them to correct the problem by exterminating them all.

The early conflicts between the Elves and Trolls were rather one sided. The Trolls did possess the stronger spell casters and warriors, but they were little help against the more advanced and skilled Elven armies. They were soon routed away from the plains they started in, and fled, fragmented, far into the mountains and north into the vast wastelands for survival.  Splintered into many separate tribes, they soon began to fight among each other over sparse resources.  And there they stayed until the Errant Wars and the fall of Elven civilization.