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November 6th, 2010
Saturday Filler Infodump: The Trolls Part Two
Saturday Filler Infodump: The Trolls Part Two

Following the Elves’ self-imposed exile, the trolls were slow to return.  By the time the tribes began to return, they found themselves sharing the lands with new competition, humans.

At first the trolls tolerated the humans’ presence, as it was clear they were just barely surviving after being abandoned by the elves. They soon came to regret that decision as the humans began to rebuild… and decided to kick the trolls out of their land all over again.  They didn’t have nearly as easy a time of it as the elves did, but the trolls were also a great deal weaker and less united than they were in those days.   Also in the humans’ favor was that, for what ever reason, the trolls would held back and only foughtt them by the same rules they used when fighting each other, rules which forbid magic users from the battlefield along with imposing many other limitations.  As human settlements grew, they pushed the Trolls further and further back north and into the mountains all over again.  This continued unabated for centuries, even into the present day, interrupted only by a brief moment of conquest when the tribes were united by the Chieftess Mikota and sacked the nation of Delphiniel.

Trolls in the present day of Errant Story, have all but been routed into wastelands of the Northern Confederacy, where they fight amongst themselves for territory and try to survive off of the sparse vegetation and lumbering dragon like beasts native to the area.  Their society, though fractured into many different warring tribes, remain much the same way as it was when they first appeared. A matriarchal society, with each tribe led by the oldest and/or most powerful female magic user, the tribes generally divide themselves by castes, with the all-female magic user caste at the top, followed by the all-male warrior caste and the crafters.   Female trolls who are not fortunate enough to have the skills to be part of a caste do still have some power and say in Troll society, but casteless male trolls are treated as little more than slaves.  Their religious system is based around the concept that the spirit is tied completely to a creature’s meat and flesh, and that the spirit can only be transferred by consuming the meat it is bound to.  Because of this belief system, ritual cannibalism features heavily into the Trolls’ general way of life.