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May’s Wallpaper is up!

Yep, May’s wallpaper is up, a very pink and glowy Meji. It’s always a very odd disconnect going between grey tones and color for those spell effects.

Although the fact that this is what May’s wallpaper ended up being is funny for reasons I can’t go into yet.

[Important!] Upcoming Changes to Update Schedule

As most of you have probably realized by now, Errant Story is in the final stages, wending its way towards its inevitable conclusion. We have several chapters yet before it’s done, but at this point it’s time to start seriously working on what comes next. We wouldn’t want you guys to have to wait months between the end of Errant Story and the start of all the cool things we have planned for afterwards!

So, Poe needs some time to work on other things. The Errant Story pages take a LOT out of him, so he can’t get those other things done AND maintain a three-days-a-week update schedule. He needs to switch to two days a week of comic updates for a while (we’re thinking the next two chapters), with some interesting world-building filler and previews of new things on the third days (I had wanted him to do the filler all the other days of the week to make up for the shift in schedule, but it would rather defeat the point).

Instead of just arbitrarily dictating to all of you what the new schedule will be, we thought it’d be better to get your input on what you want. To that end, there’s a poll in the comments thread for this post, and the two days that get the most votes there will be the new update days once the current chapter ends.

Now, this shift in schedule could have some unfortunate side effects, and one of them is that it will likely reduce page views and make it harder to sell enough advertising… unless we all do something to prevent that. So, while we’re on this new schedule, the cheapest and easiest way to bring new readers and elevate the page views is to vote to put Errant Story at the top of those voting lists to the right of the page. For every month that we get to and stay in the top ten, we’ll post an extra page of the comic. Of course, we welcome any additional efforts to get the word out, as well.