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Support the Comic

It’s the last week of the month, so I feel like I should remind everybody about all the options for supporting the comic, and request that if you enjoy the comic you help us out by showing your support.

First, we still need to reach our sales goal for Volume Three. The meter above may still say “Pre-Orders” (at least, it will until I figure out how to fix it), but the books are now very much in stock and the sales count is still very accurate, and we’d really like to reach that goal as soon as possible! There’s also still a print clearance sale going on that might yield some good accompaniments for your new book.

This month, there is also a shiny Meji wallpaper up for those who choose to donate. As a reminder, donations are the only income that goes to Poe directly (I am not paid), and it’s going to be particularly crucial for us to make that income goal as Errant Story draws to a close.

Lastly, I’d ask everyone to remember that while these may be the two best ways to support the comic this month, they’re far from the only options. For more ideas on how you can help support the comic, please see the support page.