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New Year, New Webcomics!

Well the slightly-longer-than-planned Christmas break is over, and I suppose it’s time for us to finally announce the secret projects we’ve been working on for the past year.

First off is the continuation of the Errant World after Errant Story ends this spring, called Errant Tales.  Errant Tales will be a series of self-contained short stories set at different times and places within the Errant World, and each illustrated by a different artist.  It is an interesting project, as it is a completely new experience for me to work with other artists on a comic.  Each Errant Tales story will run five pages a week in full color, and will be available in dead tree format right away as the stories come out.  In fact, we will have a page up where you can pre-order the very first issue or even subscribe to all the issues for 2011 in the next week or two.

Speaking of the first story, it is called Rook and the Pirates of the Ether, and is set just after the conclusion of the Mage-Priest Wars, about two hundred years before Errant Story.  The story features pirates, airships, and explosions and will run for two issues.  It will be illustrated by the extremely talented Sonny Strait. Sonny has worked in comics for years, and was an apprentice to Wendy Pini.  He worked on ElfQuest (In All but Blood and Wolfshadow), and recently developed a series of his own called We Shadows that was published by Tokyopop.  He is also a voice actor, and has voiced such characters as Krillin, Maes Hughes, and Lupin III.  I am ecstatic to be working with him on the inaugural story for Errant Tales.

The more immediate secret project is the launch of my brand new webcomic called Does Not Play Well With Others, which will unofficially start on the 17th, and will update five times a week (officially, it started back on the first, but it has been in soft launch mode and will be running only older strips until the seventeenth).  DNPWWO is a gag-a-day comic more akin to Exploitation Now than it is to Errant Story.  I’ve really been looking forward to it, as I’ve been planning it for the last five years.

So, whee!  There you have it.  It’s a brand new year and we’re already aiming to work ourselves to death before it’s done!