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Hospital Update – Please Read

Ok, so it’s been a little while since there’s been any concrete update given to you guys on Impy’s condition.  Normally that duty would fall to… well… Impy, but since she’s not in any condition to provide such, I’ll do my best.  I have to balance telling you what you want to hear with what she would want shared publicly.  Impy’s kind of a private person… for someone who works in a “we depend upon your support” environment… it’s an irony I’ve made sure to point out to her on several occasions.

For those of you just joining this saga, the entire thing began early in the month when Impy went in for what should have been SIMPLE surgery.  She had gall stones, and was in pain, so they had her in as an outpatient and removed the offending organ without apparent complications. 

After a few days, she started getting sick and running a bit of a fever, so they took her back in to the hospital and found that she had a blood clot forming in her liver for reasons they did not completely understand.  They admitted her back into the hospital, and (I’m not sure about the order here) scoped her liver to see the clot and put her on bloodthinners.  Neither of THESE should’ve been big deals either, but because of the thinners, she started bleeding into her liver from the endoscopy, further complicating and ickyifying the clot.

At this point, they sedated her.  It was probably because of the pain, though Poe has been suggesting that it may also be that they’d gotten a taste of having Impy around while awake and this was a better option (she’s not exactly a good patient).  Then more complications set in – she developed an allergy to the bloodthinner they had started her on, and unconscious Impy developed pneumonia.

Somewhere along the way, they began to suspect that her liver had either died or shut down due to the clot.  We’re still not sure what’s going on with that – I think they’re waiting to see if it reboots.  They also had to put her in a special bed that rotates (like a rotisserie chicken) to keep the pressure evenly distributed on her lungs to give them a chance to heal up some.  That was about the point I posted my somwhat ominous message on the forums.

Now… well… the lungs are better.  A bit.  She’s out of the special bed, anyway, so that’s good, and she’s stable enough that they’ve been able to move her and re-scan the original clot, which does appear to have gotten smaller with the new blood thinner she’s on.  So that’s the GOOD news… the BAD news is now there may be some kidney involvement as well, because they took her in for dialysis yesterday.

So that’s where we’re at for now.  We’re doing our best to keep Poe functional and entertained for the time being, and if Impy is down for too long we may try and restart some of the CAS services with Poe and I helming things (with some help from you all).

Several people have approached me asking what they can do… There’s really no point in sending flowers – she’s still sedated, and can’t have them in her room anyway, so that’s out.  You could donate – Impy would probably have my head that I haven’t been pushing people to donate more, but I can’t tell if the donation bar is actually working or not (and she’s the one with keys to the kingdom on stuff like that) but anything you could give certainly will be needed, appreciated, and used.  Other than that… I don’t know.  Maybe toss us some fan art or something so we can spread out things.