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March 28th, 2012
[CT] Prologue: I used to believe…
[CT] Prologue:  I used to believe…

Not quite yet a MILF, but definitely an Elf.

Not quite yet a MILF, but definitely an Elf.

And so it began with a pregnant woman.  A lot of fantasy stories start with a flashback that takes place thousands of years before the setting of the story, and partly I wanted to mock them, but it also let me show things that weren’t going to show up in the story for a while, and set up the exposition about half elves.  I didn’t realize at the time that starting with Sarine, and then having the next chapter be about Meji, and then starting the chapter after that with Sara would confuse so many people.  I might not have put this in the same place if I had it to do over again.

I used a shitty Photoshop filter here because I thought it would look more interesting, but resizing over the years messed it up pretty badly.  I wonder if I would have been better off using a single unified design template for all of these chapter pages instead of using a different design for all of them?  Of course, that would have meant I was locked in to doing color for all of them, too.

Maybe if I do a collection, I’ll change some of the page order and redo the chapter pages so they look more unified, but in black and white.

Oh, and if I remember correctly, the title for this page came from a music video of Fine Again by Seether.