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May 18th, 2012
[CT] This Sucks.
[CT] This Sucks.

And so we were introduced to the comic’s Protagonist By Default, Meji Hinadori… Well, she’s somewhere on the page behind all those word balloons, I think. That’s just how it goes when a writer is compelled to vomit out the entirety of the plot and world information in the first couple of pages… and without falling back on the laziness of caption boxes.

That whole ‘teacher never gives ‘A’ because they’re only for perfect work’ thing seems rather awkward and stupid now, but I swear it was taken from an actual story my Mother told me about one of her teachers.

Also the name of the school was a shout out to this site, and the ancient MMO Asheron’s Call. I was surprised when a couple of people actually caught that one.