May 25th, 2012
[CT] Oh crap.
[CT] Oh crap.

Just to fill space, let’s go over what the other kids from the last page did after graduation. For maximum effect, play “You Make Me Wanna Shout” in the background while reading it.

After the “C+” she earned for her final project knocked her out of the running for class valedictorian, Rena Doyal returned to Farrel and wrote a nasty autobiography that blamed the whole thing on Tsuiraku’s inherent racism towards foreigners. The book sold poorly and drove Rena into bankruptcy. She has since had to take a job at some sort of Magic DungeonPunk version of Hot Topic. She hopes to make Assistant Manager soon.

Miki Gatsuki went on to take Rena’s spot as Valedictorian, and got engaged to her long time boyfriend (who was captain of the school’s Mageball team). Much to everyone’s surprise, she dramatically came out as a lesbian at the wedding ceremony, leaving him at the altar. She is now in a long-term relationship with a wonderful woman she met during an airship ride, and they are expecting their second magic science lesbian baby in a couple of months.

Kenji Hidomi and several other classmates founded a sex golem manufacturing corporation using his designs. The venture proved to be a financial success, and within five years Kenji was considered the third richest man in Tsuiraku. However, this success was fleeting as after months of arguments, the High Council ruled that Kenji’s autonomous sex golems fell under the 1860 Fumio Act which prohibited the sale of humanoid form familiars for sexual purposes. The company tried to get around the ban by manufacturing more exotic looking models, but after several high profile lawsuits caused by a production screw-up that gave several golems vagina dentata, the company was officially ruined and Kenji was ousted as CEO. Kenji has since moved back in with his mother, and runs a small mail-order company out of her garage.