December 21st, 2012
[CT]Shopping for Lampshades
[CT]Shopping for Lampshades

Aww… I was hoping the world really was going to end.

Anyway, we have this text heavy page which served no purpose other than to explain away why no one freaks out about Ellis… using a gimmick ripped off from either Discworld or Doctor Who.   We have the first mention of the infamous Micro-Unicorn Familiars.  (thank god, this was written in 2003,  if it was now, I’d have worked in lame My Little Pony and Brony jokes in there) Also we go overboard showing how backwards Jon is, even though when we go to Farrel later, we see that it’s just modern enough that indoor plumbing should be a thing that plenty of places have.

Yeah, I was sorting some things out here.

I always really liked how Meji’ came out in the last panel here.