May 20th, 2013
[CT] Scrubby, Scrubby
[CT] Scrubby, Scrubby

Yeah, I was still making the effort to keep things pg-rated at this point, before that mess with the first book getting an adult rating happened. Frankly I was never really happy with the Meji panel here, something about it just looks really off. This was definitely one of those cases where I just gave up and went with whatever mess I had drawn in order to make deadlines.

Not sure where Ellis went off to during this. Doing vague cat things off screen, like catching more rodents that look vaguely like pikachus, I suppose.

It’s also that time again, where we realize that everything we’re doing to make money is taking longer than it should and in the meantime we’re super broke. SO there’s a new two-page mini-comic for donors, just click the pretty button below to donate. You should be automatically directed to the page when you donate, if you’re not, please e-mail Impy to let her know.

Also, I’m selling off my childhood GI Joe collection, including my Defiant. You can find the list of what I’ve got here. Pretty much everything on it is for sale.