May 24th, 2013
[CT] Hurry Up!
[CT] Hurry Up!

Impy and I argued quite a bit about the new art on this page. Mostly about what to have Meji and Ellis doing in the first two panels. Ultimately I don’t think she was happy with either of these panels. I was just annoyed at how hard it is to draw something making an air wanking gesture with a paw. Also there will be an announcement Monday about a slight change in how we’re posting these pages.

It’s also that time again, where we realize that everything we’re doing to make money is taking longer than it should and in the meantime we’re super broke. SO there’s a new two-page mini-comic for donors, just click the pretty button below to donate. You should be automatically directed to the page when you donate, if you’re not, please e-mail Impy to let her know.

Also, I’m selling off my childhood GI Joe collection, including my Defiant. You can find the list of what I’ve got here. Pretty much everything on it is for sale.