May 27th, 2013
[CT] Chapter Nine: A Fork In the Road
[CT] Chapter Nine: A Fork In the Road

What’s this? Chapter NINE? With art from Chapter FIVE? And a title from Chapter SIX?! What hellish trickery have we wrought?!

Okay, here’s the deal. This will actually be the start of Volume Two of the collector’s edition books. At this point trying to keep track of what order the new pages are supposed to go in compared to the old order they used to go in is getting time-consuming and obnoxious, so we’re going to stop doing that. Instead, the commentary track is just going to run all pages in the same order and with the same chapter divisions as will appear in the new books. That way it will be a clear break between the old, original webcomic versions, and the new updated collector’s edition commentary track versions.

For the sake of consistency, and not terrifying new readers with bizarre unexpected chapter jumps like we just did, the first volume’s worth of posts in the commentary track are soon going to get re-arranged according to how they’ll be in the collector’s edition, too. It’s just not going to happen immediately because we’re still generating some of the additional pages of art for that. Once that’s done, we’ll sweep through and update it all at once and add in the additional commentary wherever there’s a new page.

And finally this art is actually depicting events that occur in the chapter! This was a pesky problem that kept popping up due to rushed plotting. One good thing about these changes is that we can move the chapter pages around to fix this. Speaking of which, here is a link to a little thing about some of the editing work for this image. Enjoy!