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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about the comic. For more detailed information about the characters and story, please check out our wiki, The Heretic Knowledge Vault. If an answer has been revealed in the comic then the Heretic Monks have recorded it there.

About the Comic Process

How often is the comic updated?

Errant Story is updated three times a week, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Why isn’t the comic updated more often?

Poe doesn’t really have time.  He is working on a whole chapter at a time, but each individual page still takes between nine and sixteen hours to complete.  If he tried to update more than three pages a week, he wouldn’t be able to keep up.

How does Poe make the comic?

First, he writes a script for the whole chapter.  Then, he plans panel layout and the general flow of the pages, followed by pencilling all the pages for the chapter.  He and Impy then theoretically have an editing meeting where they make sure the dialogue and action flow smoothly.  Then Poe inks each page, does cleanup, and scans the pages.  More cleanup comes after that, because his scanner is too small so he has to scan every page in two pieces.  Once each page is digital, he puts in the heavy blacks and shading with Photoshop, then adds in the text and creates speech bubbles.  Then he uploads the finished page for the site.

There’s a lot of mistakes in this comic…

Poe used to post the pages without editing them.  Impy is now going back through and editing the whole comic for print, but since the corrections involve more changes than just fixing spelling mistakes, she hasn’t wanted to post the corrected pages until she’s sure all the edits are done, which will be after the entire comic is complete.  Going through and fixing the spelling mistakes on original pages that will be different in the final print version isn’t a high priority fix, though if she can ever get caught up on everything else she will still go through and do that.

About the Website

Can I link to the site?

Absolutely!  Poe and Impy even provided a few banners on the support page, but you can also feel free to use a different banner or make your own.  In fact, feel free to link to any of the Caffeine Angel Studios sites on your message boards, in e-mails, on your website, in your livejournal, or anywhere else.

What about linking a specific comic?  Can I do that?

You can link to the page that has a specific comic, or use the share tool provided on the website, but you may not use the comic on commercial sites without first getting permission from Poe and Impy.

I noticed an error on the site.  Should I offer my services so I can correct it?

Poe and Impy can’t just hire everyone who sees a mistake, even if they’re offering to work for free.  Go ahead and post the full details of when and how you see the error, along with your suggested fix for it, to the forum. That way it’s likely to be fixed much faster.

I work for/run a webhost and I was wondering if could persuade Poe and Impy to move the site(s) to my company’s servers?

Probably not.  They currently have a great deal on a dedicated server with a really reliable service, and an awesome systems admin as well, so unless you can offer the same degree of service and more for a better price, you’re unlikely to entice them.

How can I get Poe to post a link to my site/webcomic?

Buy advertising.  Poe does occasionally link to sites that he reads and really enjoys, but he does it at random, and doesn’t have time to check out all the links that people send him to see if he likes the site.  He doesn’t do link exchanges.  Your best bet really is to just buy advertising, though there’s a self-promotion area in the forum, too.

What if my site has a review of the comic. Will Poe post a link to that?

He might.  Send it to Impy and she’ll at least read it, but there are no guarantees.

So how can I buy ad space on the sites?

Sign up for one of the ad services the site uses and set up a campaign to use the site.  You could also contact Impy to set up a personalized campaign with a special rate.

Will Poe donate ad space to my cause/organization/website?

Since the ad space is supposed to be a primary source of income… probably not.  If he did donate ad space, it would be something he set up, not a response to a request.

About Donations

Why should I donate?

Just because you want to.  Errant Story is a fairly small comic that can’t support itself through advertising and merchandise alone, so it’s your donations that make it possible for Poe to keep making the comic as his full-time job. He’s a very slow artist and it takes him 40 or more hours each week to produce the three pages for MWF updates, so by donating, you give Poe that time so that he can keep giving you the comics on a reasonable schedule.

What do I get for donating?

To thank you for your support, everyone who donates gets a shiny new wallpaper as a donation gift, no matter the size of the donation.  The wallpaper is changed out every month or so, and you should be automatically directed to the download page when you complete your Paypal transaction. If you ever miss a wallpaper, or if you just hate PayPal and prefer to buy directly, they are also available for purchase in the online store.

Poe and Impy also try to send more personal thank-yous for donations $10 or more.  They get behind on this a LOT, but when they get caught up they generally send out a limited edition post card, or even original art for particularly large donations.

What does my donation get used for?

Donations are the only income that goes to Poe and Impy, it’s what they live on.  If there’s anything leftover, they put that back into the company to help with things like server costs, new products, or conventions.  Sometimes, though, they decide to use the donations from a given month for a specific major expense, such as a new computer or replacing a dying vehicle.  When that is the case, you will see an announcement on the main page to that effect.

How do I donate?

Just head on over to the support page and follow the instructions.

I’d like to donate money, but I really can’t.

That’s okay! You can still support the comic in lots of other ways, like checking out the advertisers, or buying stuff from the store, or just telling your friends about how much you enjoy reading the comic.  No matter what, even reading the comic so far is helpful, so don’t sweat it.

About Poe & Impy

How did Poe get started as a comic artist?

He drew comics instead of paying attention in class, then eventually posted them online for a few friends to see.  After that his comics got kinda popular, so he kept doing them.

So why did Poe start doing the comic as a job?

At a convention, some fans literally backed him into a corner and told him that if he’d switch to doing the comic full time, the fans would make sure to support him at it.  He was pretty miserable in his job at the time, and comics were pretty much all he’d ever wanted to do, so he agreed.

Does he like doing this as a job?

Absolutely!  Though, there are disadvantages like he doesn’t have a steady paycheck, medical insurance, or any kind of benefits.  He does get to set his own hours, though, and work mostly on the stuff he loves to do… and since this is all he’s ever wanted to do, he says it’s worth it.

What about Impy, how did she get into this?

She saw that Poe was worn out and offered to help him out by sorting his e-mail.  Then she noticed he didn’t have a good idea about how to sell stuff, so she offered to help him set a up a system for that.  Then she helped him resolve some publisher issues.  By that time she was volunteering so much of her time and spending so much energy effectively running the business that she decided to go ahead and quit her own job to start running the company for real.

Does she like doing this as a job?

Yes, but she still dreams of the day that she can do mostly supervision and trust other people to do the day to day stuff.  She prefers designing systems to operating them.

I saw Impy’s post about being bipolar.  How can I get more information about that?

Impy believes that being open about her experiences with bipolar disorder is important, so she tries to be fairly forthcoming about it.  She sometimes posts more information publicly in her journal, and if something is important to the comic she’ll also post it on the site.

If I send Poe an e-mail, will he write me back?

Unfortunately, the answer is probably not.  He reads all the e-mail he gets, but most of the time doesn’t have time to write back and doesn’t know what to say in response to fanmail except, “Thanks.”  If you have some sort of important question that needs a response, you should write to Impy.  She’ll get back to you usually within a week or so.

I emailed but no one ever replied! Why not?

Poe gets so much e-mail and is so bewildered by what to say that he almost never responds to any of it, even though he reads everything he gets.  Impy reads everything and tries to respond promptly, but she’s been unable to do much lately so may not have gotten to your e-mail yet.

How can I get a chance to chat with Poe and Impy?

Your best bet if you’re wanting to just chat is to hang out with them at a convention.  They’re always happy to spend time talking with people at the booth, and they’re open to being bribed with food and beverages, too. Of course, you can always comment in the forum, too.

But what if I can’t make it to a con?  Will they chat with me online or on the phone?

No, almost certainly not.  Chatting at a con is fine and all, but they do have private lives, and there’s a limit to how much access to them they’re willing to give.  Poe is a very quiet person by nature who needs his space, and while Impy likes being friendlier, it also really wears her out and she’s having to be more careful with her health these days.

Other Frequent Questions

Why doesn’t Poe ever give out more information on the cast?

Because he thinks it’s more fun for you to have to figure it out as you go along, and because he really hates writing those blurbs.  Sometimes he does say more about a certain topic in the forum, but it’s usually put into the Heretic Knowledge Vault almost immediately when he does so that’s the best place to look.

How can I be a great artist like Poe?

Poe considers himself to be only an adequate artist and really more of a writer, but for a moderately more helpful answer… You know how you have time that you spend on the internet or playing games or at school/work or eating or sleeping or having sex or whatever else it is that you do?  For most of his life, Poe spent all of that time drawing and writing instead.   After many years of having no life to the point where his fun was putting pictures up on the internet for people to look at, he started a webcomic, and even after more than ten years of that he still has a long way to go as an artist.  The best tool is to be willing to be bad… it’s more important to keep drawing than to get a single drawing perfect.

How can I get Poe to draw something for me?

Poe used to be a lot more willing to take commissions, but that was back when he had a lot more time.  Now, he spends forty or more hours a week working on just drawing Errant Story, so he doesn’t have much time for anything else.   If you’re really desperate for some of his work, you can contact Impy to work out fees and pricing for a piece, but she is very careful about terms since he’s already giving away the comic for free.  If all you’re after is a sketch or two, your best bet is to buy some of the sketchbook pages from the store, or some of the more polished original art from Poe’s Etsy page.

I have a great idea for a storyline.  Can I write one for Poe?

Yes of course you can, but he won’t be able to use it or host it, and for legal reasons he probably won’t even be allowed to read it.  Errant Story is already planned out to the end, and Poe has a lot of projects planned to work on after that.  

However, the forum community appreciates fanfiction, so there’s definitely still an audience for your idea. In fact, your storyline idea might also be a great foundation for a new adventure in the Errant Road RPG. Why not run it by the players and see if people want to try it?

I drew some fan art.  Can I send it to you?

Sure.  There’s an image board on our forums that would be a great place for it, and Poe and Impy are also considering setting up a proper gallery for the site in the near future.

I draw a webcomic. Would Poe like to do a crossover with my strip?

Not really, no.  Errant Story is already planned out, and the characters really don’t fit anywhere else.  Poe doesn’t really want to try to fit anyone else’s characters into his story, either.

I have an idea for a comic, but I can’t draw.  How can I get Poe to draw it for me?

Sadly, you can’t.  Poe is already way overbooked with his own projects, and he’s planning to do a lot less art after Errant Story.

Do you mind if I use images from your site on my homepage?

It depends on what you want to use it for.  Why don’t you e-mail Impy the specifics to ask?

Can I be in the comic as a character?

So far, Poe has only put one real person in Errant Story, as a bit character who got killed right away.  The person was put into the comic as a special gift to thank them for their intense support.  Generally, Poe won’t put anyone in the comic, not even Impy.

Will you ever draw more of Exploitation Now?


You know, I bet the new Star Wars episodes are George Lucas’s private little revenge for all the people who asked him too many questions like that…