"An Elf Princess in Farrel"

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An apparently ancient play involving an elf in Farrel. Appears to be based around the human stereotypes of elves, at least by those that have never met them, and a girl in rubber ears running around naked. We haven't heard any actual lines in it, although Sarine (and Sarna, whereby hangs a tale...) and Jon have both seen it, and on several occasions semi-quote it through lines such as "teach me of this thing, strangely appealing hu-man." Sarine's opinion of this bit of culture is not high.

Any resemblance to the real-world opera L'Italiana in Algeri ("The Italian Girl in Algiers") is probably coincidental but entertaining. Likewise, one can speculate on whether this play had anything to do with the celebrated elven playwright Smerilon. One inclines to doubt it; undoubtedly he had better taste.

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