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A dispensation granted to elves (notably Sarine Elle) who fought on the "wrong" side during the Errant War, thousands of years before story time; mentioned here.

Sarine's lengthy narrative in Chapter 10 makes the point that the Errant War eventually sputtered to a halt because "there just wasn't anyone left to fight in the damn thing." Under these conditions, the elves presumably had the good sense to try to put their society back together (such as it was) using the few survivors and not worrying about which side they'd fought on, hence the pardon. This, however, doesn't mean that Sarine (and presumably other pro-Errant combatants) managed to dodge the opprobrium of having fought on the wrong side; quite the contrary, as hardliners such as nasty High Commander Yenhael have made clear, Sarine still faces quite a bit of lingering resentment for what she did. Of course, she doesn't really care.

The subject of the Acts of War pardon comes up during events in the Far North, as Sarine and her party try desperately to stop the elves from doing something stupid involving Senilis. The elven high mucky-muck she faces down says that there won't be anything like this pardon for what she's done there (not merely going against elven officialdom, but killing her old friend Sarna), and he's probably right. On the other hand, if things go as badly with reviving Senilis as it looks like they're going to, the elves have bigger problems than a maverick Peregin in their midst. Some things never change.

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