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In context, the dude who represents the interests of the elves in Tsuiraku. Until recently this position was held by one Rarune, who made visits to Tsuirakushiti once every twenty years or so, and who seems to view one-night stands with local talent as one of the perks of the job. Since the last such fling resulted in the creation of a rather significant and inconvenient Half Elf, he's been informed that his services (stud or otherwise) are no longer required. We don't know yet who his replacement will be.

It is normal for countries to exchange ambassadors, at least when they're not trying to blow each other up, so it's reasonable to assume that there are ambassadors from Tsuiraku to Farrel, from Veracia to the Northern Confederacy, and so on. None have yet appeared in the story, though. The Ensigerum does not have an "ambassador" to Veracia, although Paul and, more recently, Anita have played the corresponding envoy role.

We don't know what all places the elves have sent ambassadors to or received them from, other than Tsuiraku. However, they clearly grasp the concept; there's a consulate in Praenubilus Astu that presumably is (or at least used to be) used for diplomatic exchanges. The visitors currently stashed there, though, are of a decidedly less diplomatic frame of mind...

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