Anuban Colonies

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Anuban Colonies

Type: City
Nation: Veracia
Location: Unknown

At the moment, only a place on a map, east(?) of the main part of Veracia. We don't know what they're noted for, or why they're there. All will be revealed eventually, one presumes.

Poe Notes:|

Why the Anuban Colonies are there and what they're noted for:

It should probably be noted that no elf would willing travel to Anuban Colonies short of having a gun put to their head... hell, many humans wouldn't willingly go there either. The place is an all but uninhabitable archipelago made up of marshlands and swamps. What few priests/mages that have gone there claim that the entire place feels 'off' somehow. Veracia has lost money on the colonies they built there from day one, they have never managed to become self sufficient, have found almost nothing of value, and are kept going just so Veracia can still clam to be an empire after their failed attempts at securing the elven territories and the northern confederacy. Elven legends actually say that islands are the gate to the underworld, where the souls of deceased elves whose bodies are not properly prepared go to, and that it is where the Exitialis fell and became the God of Death. Even the elves who don't believe those stories still consider the place to be 'wrong' and to be avoided at all cost.
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