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Another of those spells that make life interesting.


We don't know exactly what it does, never having seen it cast. However, the stereotypical Charm spell from role-playing games makes the charmee inexplicably fascinated with the caster, to the point of obeying the caster's commands no matter how self-destructive they are, etc. Meji suspects Jon of being under the influence of such a Charm cast by Sarine, for no other reason than that, unlike Meji, Jon doesn't attack her on sight.

Where Used

Well, it hasn't been used that we know of. Meji, however, thinks that Jon has been Charmed in this sequence, and casts a Dispel on him to get rid of it. The Dispel, however, does nothing to Jon except annoy him, and maybe give him a headache from the flashing lights and other magical effects.

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