Dinara, Galsu and Salaren

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Three elves among the party sent to the Far North to try to revive Senilis, seen briefly here. We don't know which is which, only that Dinara (possibly the female-looking elf in the rear of the group) is being sent to tell nasty High Commander Yenhael what's going on when Meji and the Amraphels evade the ward system, while the other two are launched in pursuit.

If we ever get enough information to differentiate among the three, this article will be replaced by the obvious individual articles. However, all three are showing signs of red-shirted-ensign syndrome (after all, they're being sent into conflict with powerful main characters, unsupported and completely unaware of what tough customers they're fighting) and have every chance of meeting messy ends without even getting a chance at character development. In other words, they're really NPC Guards who happen to have names.

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