Dispel Trap

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Dispel Trap

First use: 2003/05/21

Where used


One of the magical defenses at the Heretic Knowledge Vault, set up to keep intruders (like, say, Meji Hinadori) from gaining access to the secrets therein. Note: This is more along the lines of a Ward than a Spell.


Spell or ward or whatever, this has an area effect, localized to the area over which it is set. It appears to be persistent for as long as the mage wants to leave it there. Whatever enters the area will have any ongoing spells neutralized. It is usually set as part of a wards system.

It isn't clear whether this trap is a magical gadget or a non-gadget-based magical effect, so it's placed in both categories for completeness.

Where Used

Meji triggers it when she attempts to gain entry to the Heretic Knowledge Vault invisibly, becoming visible to the NPC Guards and thus sparking all manner of fun and violence -- well, fun for everybody but Ellis, anyway.

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