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First use: 2005/07/18

Where used

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Another of those spells we've come to know and love.


This seems to be a souped-up version of the Command spell: a way for the spellcaster to influence people, if not necessarily to win friends. The caster (i.e., Sarine Elle, the only character we've seen using it) messes with the castee's head in such a way that the castee does whatever the caster instructs him to. It seems to differ from Command in only affecting one recipient, and the effect lasts a while.

Where Used

Most obviously by Sarine on bandit Jim, who's not very cooperative in his first introduction to the party. She first overcomes his refusal to talk, then sends him away to face justice, although Jon shortens his quest (and his life) via non-magical means.

The elves seem to play all sorts of mind games with the smelly humans they encounter. However, the specific set of mental effects suffered by Jim look different than in other elf-human encounters. At least none of the others show the flashy magical bursts of light that Sarine hit Jim with.

Domination occupies a special niche in the history of the Sashi Mu Academy of Thaumaturgy and Conjuration. According to Meji, half of the first Sashi Mu class used mind magic (on their instructors) to graduate, so the Academy passed a rule against using mental domination spells to affect grading. Meji, being lazy, would have been happy to do the same thing to solve her own graduation problem, but not only is it prohibited, she's not good at mind magic, which is probably just as well.

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