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The Errant Road version of Emerylon mirrors the one in the Poe-verse, but of course, has its own unique features and twists.

As in the Poe-verse, Emerylon is the capital city of Veracia, and thus tightly controlled by the church of Luminosita. A little-known fact is that it's built on the site of a former elven capital city, including a "big castle made out of gold", which was looted and razed to the ground a thousand years before Emerylon's construction.

It is best known to readers of Errant Story for containing the Heretic Knowledge Vault, which contains books and works of art deemed blasphemous by the church.

As yet it hasn't actually featured in the game's action, but as far as can be told, it occupies the same general position there as in the Poe-verse, not just geographically but socially and "spiritually." Certain significant NPCs have reportedly headed for it, so presumably some of the Errant Road players, and action, will do so eventually, at which time we'll learn more about it.

Luminosita holds weekly smitings here. But only on Wednesdays.

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