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A city mentioned in the Errant Road on-line free-form role-playing game. Not only does it not exist in the Poe-verse, the continent containing it, the so-called Southern Continent, probably doesn't either. Talk about obscurity!

Grendell is a port town on the northern tip of the Southern Continent, apparently responsible for much of the commerce between the continent and more ... civilized venues in the main part of the Poe-verse. PCs Jamie and Tamina pass through here en route to visiting Tamina's people in the interior of the continent, the Kobolds (or "Killikah," approximately meaning "Sisterhood"). They're shadowed by Jamie's mother and Keyes, NPCs who have various interests in keeping the two safe (if, in the case of the relationship between mother and daughter, a bit more ... settled than Jamie tends to be), as well as by various baddies whose motives, it is fair to say, are otherwise.

The atmosphere in Grendell is not entirely healthy, as when Jamie and Tamina arrive, some kind of nasty plague is in progress that causes its victims to undergo lethal, violent transformations.

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