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A small town in Farrel, or at least in the Errant Road version of Farrel; as far as is known, it doesn't exist in the Poe-verse. In the world of Errant Road, it's significant as the home base for the Gewehr. As yet, it hasn't been a primary story venue, although some of the by-play involving Gewehr bureaucracy has occurred there, as have a few vignettes featuring Layla.

Kugelheim is inland, one or two days' journey northeast from Port Lorrel. The larger town of Volkanenborg, important as an Errant Road locale, is another day's journey north, across a low pass through the foothills of the mountains of north-central Farrel.

ER NPCs Faye and Peter are prominent citizens of Kugelheim (and members of the Gewehr).

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