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A "semi-PC" in the Errant Road on-line free-form role-playing game. Needless to say, she doesn't appear in the Poe-verse. Alas, she's also no longer with us in the game, a true pity since she was obviously one of the good guys, er, kobolds. She first appears here, although she's named earlier and her hut in the clan compound is the centerpiece of an important battle.

Leli is an elder in the Killikah clan to which PC Tamina also belongs, and serves as, among other things, mother figure to the younger kobold. When she first appears, Tamina and fellow PC Jamie (and, of course, baby Nera) are sore beset by weird "feral" monsters in the Killikah village, until Leli and some other kobolds come to the rescue like cavalry coming over the hill. Tamina, it's fair to say, is happy to see her, and not just because of the long-standing (by kobold standards) bond between the two. Readers appreciate her too, as she engages in some exposition so that we're all up to speed on where the ferals came from: they were most likely created by the Ralkin, the Killikah's arch enemies from way back. This realization sets all manner of merry(?) adventures in progress that take Leli, Tamina and assorted others through many pages of posts, and into lots of trouble.

Unfortunately, some of that "trouble" proves fatal to the old kobold. A fight with the Ralkin eventually goes terminally badly for her, and the fact that Drusia, who with Khoo has joined the party on the Killikah's side, immediately makes a messy end of Ralkin big shot Gabriel Averis is scant consolation to the horrified Tamina. Tamina spends years of play, which is an incredibly long time for a kobold, grieving for her tribal leader and mother figure, and trying to remember all the things Leli taught her -- spellcraft, how to speak human-talk, you name it.

So rest in peace for this much-loved character, although "peace" and "kobold" are words that don't often go together in Errant Road.

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