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A minor NPC in the Errant Road free-form on-line role-playing game. Needless to say, he doesn't exist in the Poe-verse, although his opposite numbers clearly do.

This fellow is in charge of the operation of the warp gate in Kiyoka, an important Errant Road venue because of the mysterious disappearance of one Father Egbert while he was using it. This, it is fair to say, he finds disconcerting, because people never get lost while using the warp gates; the warp-gate system prides itself on safe and secure passage for travelers. Accordingly, he is inclined (or at least ordered) to be cooperative when PCs Argus and Brother Miguel come calling to investigate what happened to Egbert. He courteously shows them footage of the gate operation, which appears entirely ordinary, and puts them in touch with one Gordon Grumiel, who was standing close to Egbert when the gate functioned. (This, alas, turns out terminally badly for Mr. Grumiel, but that's a side effect of the story, not of the gate operation.)

Argus' and Miguel's adventures seem to have established that at least there was nothing wrong with the gate after all, so Haziri is presumably back in business in Kiyoka. We might see him again if the Errant Road action ever returns there, or not.

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