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A minor NPC in the Errant Road on-line free-form role-playing game. Needless to say, he doesn't exist in the Poe-verse (and if he did, he'd probably have been among the elves killed when Ianilis came calling at Praenubilus Astu, so it wouldn't matter anyway).

He makes his brief appearance in Errant Road when he wanders into an inn in the small town of Mittelberg at just about the same time as a band of curious characters (notably, player characters, such as Jamie, Marcus, and so on). He quite sensibly decides that this motley crew might be interesting, and also that they might be more than he can handle, so he arranges to import some help in the form of fellow ranger Paukii. The two follow the travelers to Volkanenborg and stake out the inn where everybody is staying, and get to witness all manner of weirdness, but never see anyone who strikes them as so unambiguously an Errant as to need ... well ... cleansing. Eventually they wander off for parts unknown.

Elven rangers do crop up in other settings in Errant Road, notably nasty Peregin Bauti who's menacing the PC half elves in Veracia, so he may get gated in again.

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