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In context, not just any old warp gate, but the specific one in the Errant Road version of Kiyoka. The Kiyoka that exists in the Poe-verse surely has a warp gate too, but the two are not to be confused.

At first blush there appears to be little to distinguish this particular warp gate from any other, but that's before the fugitive Father Egbert seemingly vanishes into thin air while using it to flee the Veracian mission (and, possibly, Lucas Ravanel, or at least his influence). Tsuirakuan warp gates simply do not lose people when the gate functions; it would be bad for business, and even worse, would involve great loss of face, one of those things that Tsuirakuans care deeply about. The investigation of this mysterious disappearance leads Argus, Brother Miguel and Sister Rose first to Saus, where it's discovered that possibly the gate functioned correctly after all, and then deep into the boonies of Veracia as they continue to search for Egbert.

Chief honcho at this gate is one Portalmage Haziri, who helps Argus and the Veracians with their investigation.

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