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Race: Elves
Gender: Female
Introduction: 2009/04/24


Chapter 39


Chapter 40
05/11, 05/20, 05/22

Chapter 43
12/21, 12/23, 01/04


One of the elves assigned to guard the travel platform in the far north, site of a big battle between the elves going to revive Senilis on the one hand, and Sarine and the other Good Guys on the other. Even by elven standards, Elanin is rather androgynous-looking, and it's not clear at first whether this character is male or female; study this episode, where (s)he first appears, and form your own opinion. Later, however, the elven commander (as yet unnamed) refers to Elanin as female, and so it is, apparently.

She is assigned the very important task of locking Sara down with a Binding spell when the battle breaks out. Unfortunately (or maybe not, depending on your point of view), the spell breaks down, due either to a Dispel cast by Meji, Elanin being shot at by Jon, just lapse of attention, or all of the above. Thus released, Sara goes into time-ninja mode, and in the resulting melee, causes Elanin's fellow elf-cum-NPC Guard Rainae to get his head handed to him -- literally. Meanwhile, Jon's head shot is obviously doing her no good, but the damage isn't terminal, possibly as a result of Sarine's attempt to tend an elf with a "head wound" following her lamentable battle with Sarna. This leaves Elanin damaged and patched up, but sufficiently functional that she becomes one of the guards keeping watch over Sarine while the other elves run off to Senilis' chamber in pursuit of their spectacularly mistaken plan to wake him. Of course, this goes badly, and a consequence is that she's menaced again by Jon when he, Meji and Sara emerge from the chamber with a guest of sorts. Call it Kismet, or something.

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