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Elven Anti-Human Device

First use: 2005/08/08

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A magical gadget erected by the elves around the portal leading to the Giant Magic Potato where Anilis is taking a nap. We first see it here, although bandit Jim mentioned the thing's effects earlier.


These are large electro-mechanical seeming constructs that float off the ground like pillars. They work by creating anxiety, nervousness, and fear in the minds of any humans attempting to pass them, aiming to cause any passing human to flee in terror with no effect on wildlife. They have no effect on elves. The overall appearance of the Anti-Human Device is of a short, floating obelisk with a base in the shape of a reversed pyramid, swirling designs covering their surfaces and a dish-shaped interface on each face near the base, about head height for a sitting human or elf.

The elves installed a ring of these devices around the perimeter of Anilis' resting place to enhance the existing wards set up by Anilis. We don't know why. The obvious direct answer was that Anilis' wards didn't affect humans. However, it became clear, when Sarine reported to the Elven Council, that they weren't aware that humans could pass through Anilis' wards. In fact, they were averse to even trying the experiment. The elves themselves could not penetrate Anilis' wards.

Sarine, although she claims that the items are not something that the Viradior regularly deal with, knows enough about the device to be able to disable one of them non-destructively. In the process, she discovers that it incorporates a logging function that reports status for other devices along the protected perimeter, as well as its own. When she inspects the log, it shows that two of the other devices on the perimeter are already down, suggesting that someone else has been messing around with them. Inexplicably, she and the rest of the party don't draw the obvious conclusion.

Where Used

The first direct reference we have is when Sarine disabled the devices at Anilis' resting place. It is suspected but never said that similar devices kept Humans out of Elven territory following the Errant War, at least until Luminosita showed up.

Sarine explains that the devices are used for large, remote areas due to their low energy expenditure compared to other magical fences and lack of effect on animals, although they do seem to need at least a basic level of maintenance

Note that the anti-human device found in the Far North, presumably protecting Senilis' digs, is more mechanical in nature ... and also rather more ... emphatic.

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  • Bellofthedamned:
Why did Anilis want to keep elves out? Did the elves have something to do with the gods' disappearing?
For much the same reasons stores put up 'no solicitors' signs. Also they didn't just keep elves out, they worked on the dwarves and trolls as well.
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