Errant Wars (era)

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For the article on the actual conflict itself, see Errant War.

In the parlance of the Poe-verse, the period of time encompassing the Errant War (which apparently wasn't a single event) and things related to it. According to Impy, the term covers the block of time from 2215 to 1800 BCE. Dates during this era are abbreviated TEW.

The starting event of the Errant Wars era (and, therefore, year 0 TEW) was the destruction of Malacia by the crazed half elf mage Kiyan Nizami. It lasted more or less until the end of the Errant War(s), with its formal ending date (and therefore the start of the Age of Man) being creation of the Elven Barrier concealing Praenubilus Astu. Other key dates during this time:

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