Fire Blast

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Fire Blast

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One of those spells we've come to know and love. As of Chapter 27, we know (by way of Sarine, who's presumably an authority on such things) that the spell's actual name is Fire Blast, not Energy Blast.


Looks like a bolt of pure, destructive magical energy, directed by the spellcaster toward a target that he or she particularly wishes dead. Unlike Force Bolt, it appears to affect a definite, extended area. Judging by the name, this magical energy is probably fire based.

Where Used

Here, in the grand battle between the Good Guys and the Ensigerum. This is the first time that Sarine, who casts it, has had to make a maximum magical effort to blast something -- and yet Warrel, her intended target, manages to survive intact, although he's terminated soon afterward via more conventional means.

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