Flame Volley

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Flame Volley

First use: 2003/06/16

Where used

2003/06/16, 2004/01/12, 2006/02/13

A Spell, of course.


Launches a barrage of fireballs at an opponent.

Where Used

This one is a great favorite with Ian Samael:

  • used to create a diversion at the library in Emerylon here
  • later for effect versus the elven military force under Toren (whom he eventually dispatches)
  • to incinerate a group of bandits near Thranel
  • probably in some of his combats against the elves, although it's hard to be sure

It's possible that some of Meji's excursions into picturesque violence also involve Flame Volley, but again, it's hard to be sure.

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