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First Appearance: 2008/06/13
Appears In: Chapter 34
06/13, 06/16, 06/18
Mentioned In: N/A

A member of the elven Viradior (special forces), encountered briefly here as he or she tries to contain the rampaging Ian Samael, who's in Praenubilus Astu trying to exterminate the elves. At the command of elven commander Nisotta, he/she casts some manner of destructive magic at Ian, mainly to create a diversion while some old-fashioned sword-swinging goes on. This doesn't work well, of course.

Things are still too chaotic in the grand combat scene for the outcome to be clear, as regards who survives and who doesn't, but people who show up under these conditions are uniquely susceptible to premature death due to red-shirt syndrome (cf. link in the article on Misa). Certainly there are a goodly number of elf casualties, as well as a few survivors. Gilliam is one of the ones whose fate is uncertain; stay tuned to see whether he/she appears again.

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