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The Heretic Knowledge Vault (in Veracia, as opposed to this Wiki) is, or at least was, a major repository of books that the Veracian Church deemed too controversial to let see the light of day. It may not have much left in it, however, owing to the firestorm started by Ian when he and Meji were interrupted while ripping off the account of the Lorenzel Excavations, one of the heretical tomes stored there. It is first mentioned here, and first actually seen in this episode, with a couple of NPC Guards protecting it -- not very effectively.

Paul, the number-two guy in the Ensigerum, has alluded to seeing, on trips to visit the Church, information about trolls that isn't a matter of public knowledge. Although it's not certain, these tomes probably are -- or were -- in the Vault. Otherwise, we don't know what all stuff is in there, which after all is the whole idea.

Meji has also called this place the Vault of Heretical Knowledges, which redirects here.

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