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The "Ian Did It" meme is a joke created and maintained by the Errant Story readers and forumites. It originally started due to the constant speculation that anything that had no immediate cause was done by Ian Samael, after his disappearance in Saus. The first document appearance of the meme itself referenced Ian as the assassin who killed John F. Kennedy, from which it grew exponetially, due to the readers and forumites inane ability to take anything remotely humourous, and reuse it until it is simply a shadow of it's former self.

Now even Ian himself is in on the joke, deliciously.



Ian assassinates President Kennedy.


Ian replaces Khan in Captain Kirk's famous cry of anger.


Ian is actually Judas, the disciple who betrayed Jesus for thirty pieces of silver.


Ian is also Brutus.


Ian finally is revealed to have done it within the context of Errant Story.

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