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Type: City
Nation: Tsuiraku
Location: A city in Tsuiraku, near the southern coast.

Kiyoka is a city in Tsuiraku, near the southern coast. Snobby people from Tsuirakushiti often look down on people from Kiyoka, such as Bani Igaaru.


Before the creation of Tsuiraku, when the land still belonged to Farrel, it was just a very small port village that grew out of a few logging camps. (For whatever reasons, the rest of the continent was never really developed much and was mostly left deserted.) When the island became Tsuiraku, the small village started growing rapidly since it was the main point of entry into the country from Farrel in the days before the various Warp gates and airship ports were set up. Eventually it was renamed Kiyoka and grew into being far more than just a port city. Even today, with easy travel to Tsuirakushiti available in just about every major city in Farrel, Kiyoka is a popular destination for travelers coming from Farrel or Veracia due to the city being a mix of the original Farrel inhabitants and Tsuirakuans who got fed up living on a giant crowded disc floating in the air, and because it is noticeably lacking the air of 'stuck up bitchiness' that many people perceive Tsuirakushiti possesses.

Errant Road

For information on the city of Kiyoka as represented in the Errant Road free-form role-playing game, see ER:Kiyoka. Note that people, places (including Kiyoka), and things in Errant Road are not considered "canon."

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