Levitation Device

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Levitation Device

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These are large scale devices designed to float an entire city in the air. It is supposed that Malacia had only one of these. Tsuirakushiti currently has two of them, each one independently capable of floating the entire city disk. To further enhance reliability, against damage, one of the devices is installed at ground level, away from the city.

Even so, in spite of those precautions, there was still a momentary outage during the magical power blast that was triggered by the Dispelling of Luminosita.

Where Used

There are only two known instances of the use of these massive devices; Malacia and Tsuirakushiti. In the first instance, Malacia, the device was damaged by an Errant and fell out of the sky, into the ocean, and was destroyed along with its city. The second instance, Tsuirakushiti, is still operational, after 2,000 years.

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