Mandi's Place

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Tavern in the town of Taberna, owned by Jon's old friend Mandi. We don't know its full name (yet), but have just a scrap of information that "Hair" figures in it. "Hank of Hair"? "Hairy Situation"? "Hair House"? Hard to say.

Whatever it's called, Jon and Meji (and, of course, Ellis) drop by there en route to the boonies of Farrel, to catch a beer and a couple of rooms. There Jon has his first encounter with Sarine, who's a move ahead of them and has already figured out that this inn is as good a place to look for Jon and Meji as any. Meji's reaction to meeting Sarine causes a fair bit of structural damage to the place, but Sarine smooths Mandi's ruffled feathers (with a little baksheesh) and the party heads on their merry way.

There is a lot of emotion penned up in this place. Unfortunately, it's mostly negative.

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