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Race: Humans
Gender: Female
Introduction: 2007/06/22


Chapter 28
06/22, 06/25, 07/11

Chapter 30
10/05, 10/10, 10/19


2007/06/08, 2007/06/27, 2007/10/22

The maid/housekeeper at the Miyo Hinadori residence. She is targeted to be replaced by Ms. Kenichi, as soon as her boss, Meji's mom, can convince Ms. Kenichi to come work for her instead of her father, although it won't make much difference for Nanoa since she too is on granddad's payroll. It's kind of hard to pay for your servants yourself if you never worked a day in your life.

She is into baking organic cookies, much to the disgust of Ellis.

Refers to Miyo as "the elder Miss Hinadori", despite apparently being repeatedly told not to.

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