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We're not completely sure whether this is a spell or some other kind of magical effect, but anyway:


First use: 2004/08/13

Where used

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According to Meji, if one's "butt (is) looking droopy again or was getting a wrinkle," Rejuvenation treatments fix it. Think of Rejuvenation as magical cosmetic surgery. Apparently it is cast by specialists, presumably some denomination of lifemage.

Not to be confused with Supple Flesh, a sub-class of Polymorph Spell that has similar effects but requires continuing concentration by the mage to maintain.

Where Used

Meji's mom is the recipient of Rejuvenation treatments, to Meji's obvious resentment. Resent it she might, but the off-story art -- see illustration on the Miyo Hinadori page -- sure makes it look like the thing works.

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