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Race: Elves
Gender: Male
Introduction: 2007/12/21


Chapter 31

Chapter 32
01/04, 01/07, 01/14, 01/16


2007/12/19, 2008/01/11

Rhee appears to be the leader of the "welcome wagon" sent to greet Sarine as she escorts Jon and Sara to the Fortress of Elven Solitude to rescue Meji (and possibly Ellis, if they have time and/or feel like it).

Unlike the last random pretty elf man the party encountered, he does not appear to have cast a reactive shield spell upon himself, and therefore sustains a broken nose after abruptly meeting Sara's time-magic-enhanced uppercut. Sarine graciously heals his injuries, but he's still been taken down a notch or two by the whole encounter. Serves him right.

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